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Why Your Bearded Dragon Has Their Mouth Open? 5 Important Facts

Are you wondering Why Your Bearded Dragon Has Their Mouth Open? If so, keep reading! You’ll learn five important facts about this behavior! Bearded dragons open their mouth for many reasons. 

They may be taking in heat, cooling themselves, or even showing dominance. Beardie’s are great, and they have such unique signs of their feelings, such as gulping for air, arming waving, or even head bobbing

But if you want to know the real answer, read on to find out more!

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To Regulate Body Temperature

A bearded dragon’s open mouth may signal several issues. First, it could be a sign of stress or a respiratory infection. If you suspect your pet is suffering from one of these issues, you should take them to the vet to be examined. 

If this is the case, make sure that the living conditions of your bearded dragon have changed accordingly. If your beardie is not suffering from any of these conditions, you should never worry.

Another symptom of body temperature regulation is the gaping of the bearded dragon’s mouth. During heat waves, it opens its mouth wide to release body heat. It opens its mouth wide to cool off quickly when it gets too hot. 

Bearded dragons do this naturally to regulate their body temperature and keep themselves comfortable. If you notice your beardie gaping while idling, this is a sign that they are hungry or thirsty.

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To Show Dominance

When male bearded dragons feel threatened, they might open their mouths to intimidate other males or to make their presence known. Although these actions may look intimidating to other species, they are not harmful to your beardie. 

They are merely trying to scare off a potential threat by showing a show of aggression. When your beardie appears intimidated by another male, you may have to step in to prevent them from harming the other pet.

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Another way to tell whether your beardie is aggressive is to observe its behavior.

Bearded dragons often raise their tails and bob their heads. This behavior is not an expression of hello, but rather a sign of submission and dominance. Males are often aggressive towards other beardie pets, but females may display this behavior as a way to indicate their attraction to a male.

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Stretching Their Mouths

You might see your bearded dragon stretching and seemingly opening its mouth really wide. Some wonder if their bearded dragon is yawning or trying to give them a big smile, but in actuality, bearded dragons open their mouths while stretching because it’s part of the process! When they do this, they are adjusting the position of their lower jaw. 

For bearded dragons, it’s essential to keep their lower jaw properly aligned with the rest of their skull. If the lower jaw gets out of alignment, it can lead to problems with eating and even cause bearded dragons pain. So, next time you see your bearded dragon stretching with its mouth open wide, don’t worry – it’s just keeping itself healthy!

To Show That They Are in ‘Fight For Survival’ Mode

When the bearded dragon is in ‘fight for survival’ mode, it will display behaviors like hissing and opening its mouth. These behaviors will be indicative of extreme stress. 

Children playing with the dragons will often distress the bearded dragons, and this stress can cause them to attack. The Pogona family has extremely sensitive hearing, which is important for steering clear of predators and detecting attacks in time to escape. This sharp hearing can be very stressful for bearded dragons because they can easily hear faint sounds.

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In addition to their head opening, the bearded dragon will bob its head when it is in ‘fight for survival’ mode. This behavior is used as a form of communication and territorial aggression. They will bob their head quickly when they want to defend their territory, while slower bobbing is a sign of submission. However, if they are in a situation where they have a predator and want to kill it, they will bob their head slowly.

To Show That They are Sick / Respiratory Infection

If your beardie keeps their mouth open when they’re eating, you may be worried. Usually, this wouldn’t be a cause for concern, but it can be an indication of a respiratory infection. In addition to opening their mouth, beardie’s mouth may discharge. They may also be in a passive mood, have decreased appetite, and have rapid breathing. The exact cause of their ill-behaving behavior is unknown.

Your beardie may be opening their mouth to let out heat or to respond to something in their environment. Children toys around the tank may trigger this reaction. If this occurs, your beardie may hiss or take an aggressive stance. 

If you are unsure of the cause, consult a veterinarian. If you notice these symptoms in your beardie, consult a vet for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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In this article, we discussed some of the reasons why your bearded dragon has their mouth open. We also went over some of the different behaviors that may accompany this behavior. If you are ever concerned about your beardie’s health, consult a veterinarian.

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